RED DRESS ... 2 of 2

by Anonymous

While walking from the parking lot on Friday morning for a quick flight, before planning for the party in celebration of the three that were now the latest danger in the sky, I saw someone leaving the office. ‘WOW, I hope she joins us as well. Aviation is in short supply of hot women‘, I was thinking. Yes the hormones of a young boy trapped in a 22 year old body‘. Maybe we could be study buddies . . . Now there was a thought to be enjoyed. She pulled out of the parking area in front of the office. The car pointed in my direction, slowly pulling off. ‘No, no, don’t go yet, wait, let me get your name at least‘ I was shouting from within. Then the car stopped next to me and the window opened. ‘Oh no, did I say that aloud? What now? Should I say anything?‘ I was filled with panic at the imminent rebuff. ‘Yes you idiot, where is all the boyish bravado now?‘ Was my last thought before she spoke to.

‘Hello, what a lovely day to be in the sky‘, she said.
‘WOW, she is hot! Think you moron, don’t say the wrong thing now! I finally managed to reply after what felt like an hour. ‘Yea I think so, I am just going for a short one today though‘. I said gaining some composure.

‘Well hope you have fun up there. Oh by the way, are we still on for tonight, and what time?‘ She said. ‘What was she talking about? Was she talking to the right guy? Wasn’t she mistaking me for someone else?‘

Grasping for an answer without looking like a fool, I said ‘Yeah we are, the lads have said about 7 or so at the pool hall. Are you joining us?‘

With a warm smile that I suddenly recognized she said ‘Yes I think I will see you there. Have fun and keep the rubber side down‘, and she drove away.

Impossible. How did this just happen. Miss T turned form a good looking instructor into a Goddess of the skies. It took me a few moments to gather myself and walk to the school. Then it all fell together. Every day the somewhat good uniform was the choice of clothes for the day. She is beautiful enough and confident enough not to wear any make up. So we get to see the usual person, similar to what I would become in a year or so. However on her day off, wearing tight jeans, a form hugging blouse, and a touch of makeup she became someone unrecognizable. ‘Pilot uniforms do not do her justice ‘ I though as I entered the office.

7 PM came and went. ‘She is not coming buddy ‘Lee said with a smirk.

Patrick was laughing at my misfortune ‘Yea man, loose the sad face and have a beer. It’s just a crush, and if you keep it up you will be crushed. ‘he said as he was about to play.

‘Don’t be silly, ‘I mock shouted, angry at him. ‘I don’t have a crush, she is merely the one that made my dream of flying solo come true.

‘Lee, do you see me having the blues because my solo sender is not here? Hell no! Pass more beer ‘he said sinking a ball into the pocket.

‘Come on dudes, pick on the others as well, not just me‘.

Lee looked up, with a super surprised look on his face. ‘Dude, swallow your tongue and close your mouth before you make a spectacle of yourself ‘ James said.

Lee pointed into the distance ‘What the hell, I didn’t know this town had gals like that‘, he stuttered. We all looked up.

‘What is he talking about?‘ said Patrick. ‘Look there, she just walked past the bar!

‘Lee she is out of your league buddy!‘ I finally managed to turn the conversation away from me.

She disappeared behind some of the gaming machines. We waited a few seconds more, but she was gone. ‘See Lee, I told you so! ‘Laughed Patrick, ‘Now we have two lost puppies‘. James was getting annoyed with the matter and demanded pool and beer attention. We resumed the game but shortly Lee was gulping air bubbles again. ‘What now? ‘James shouted angrily. Lee could only point behind James. We followed his finger with our eyes. There she was, standing right behind James.

‘Hello boys, sorry I am late‘. She smiled. ‘I had an errand to run before I could come. Miss T said.

We were all stunned, none of us had recognized her, I was embarrassed due to the fact that it was the second time in one day that I missed it. ‘Well are you going to stand there or is someone going to offer a lady a beer?‘ She laughed.

‘ Uhmm yes, of course!‘ I said, ‘What could I get you?‘ ‘Just a beer thanks, a cold one please’.

Puppy love could be one way of describing it, but say it as you please, Patrick was right, I was a lost cause right there for the moment. Hair at shoulder length, hanging loose and well groomed. Just enough makeup, extenuating her eyes. Then there was the dress. A red dress that was sculpted around what I certainly thought the most beautiful body every created in the presence of man. Long enough to cover her perfectly rounded bum, yet short enough to give a sneak glimmer of milky white flesh of the inner thigh. The low cut in the neck line reviled what I could only imagine to be the dream breast size, 34 B. The thin straps of the dress meant one of two possibilities, the latter being my instinct: One, it’s a strapless wonder bra, two there is none, and this pure perfection. Her hands were soft and again, to compliment the whole theme of red, dark red nails. Her legs seemed to go on forever and then some. Red high healed shoes brought her back to ground in spectacular fashion. ‘I am on it, round all round’ I said, walking away and not waiting for any replies.

Standing at the bar gave me a bit of time to regroup my thoughts. ‘Don’t be a silly little stupid school boy‘ I was saying to myself. ‘She is here because you asked her and she wanted to come‘.

The barman brought the drinks and I took it back over to the table. She was playing a game against Lee. ‘Don’t be distracted Lee, you will miss the ball’ Shouted James.

‘Dudes, and lady, drinks all round. Cheers and happy flying. Also thanks a lot for letting us fill the skies’ I nodded at her. She took the beer and toasted back, then grabbed the pool cue and looked for the next shot to play. She selected the ball and bent over to take the shot.

Involuntarily we all leaned forward. Those in front could not help but peer down her cleavage. The rest of us were waiting to have the milky white perfect ass displayed. Three seconds before she played the shot, without looking up she said ‘Enjoying the view boys?‘ and with that ball fell perfectly into the pocket.

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