Major Blow Out!

by Oops! Sorry!
(South Africa)

I learned first hand that applying brakes hard on asphalt causes tires to pop. It was an embarrassing lesson to learn.

I was doing a short field landing in someone else's C182. In my defense, the brakes on his aircraft were significantly sharper than the aircraft I was used to flying. I landed short, dumped the flaps and hit the brakes hard. Stopped in under a hundred meters. Felt great till we started trying to taxi. The C182 was just not interested.

Looking outside, we saw the cause was a very flat tire. So, holding up all other aircraft due to land, we called the tower and confessed our dilemma. Minutes after we shut down, the local AMO came to our rescue, helped us push the aircraft off the runway, and changed the tire.

We started up, and as the aircraft was under power about to taxi back onto the runway, the other tire blew as well.

One really short landing, two blown tires, R3500. Oops.

No more hard braking on asphalt for me!

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