Johannesburg Flying Academy

by Amy Gregson

JFA is an approved CAA Flight School carrying out training for Commercial (CPL), Helicopter (HPL) and Private (PPL) and NPL Pilots Licences.

At The Johannesburg Flying Academy (JFA), our suitably qualified instructors fly introductory flights and pilot training with a Raptor Trike; three locally manufactured Sling Aircraft and a Robinson R22 Helicopter.

We also cater for conversions to type, owner training, aircraft sales and so much more…

- Night Ratings
- IF Instrument Flying Rating
- introductory flights
- demonstration flights
- basic safety co-pilots courses
- conversions
- renewals
- owner training
- advanced training
- aircraft sales.
- Overseas student packages

With our wide range of experience and qualifications, we are able to offer Pilot Training from Microlight all the way through to Commercial Pilot License.

One of our biggest assets is the fact that we are situated in the corner of the General Flying Area where we complete all of our Training. Most other airfields require a 10 to 15 minute flight from the Airport to the General Flying Area. This is 20 to 30 minutes of your valuable training time (per flight) - additional cost and unnecessary expenditure. We are right there, no time wasting driving around the airport waiting to get airborne.. No spending 15 minutes on the ground waiting to get into the air, Our school is right by the runway reducing your time on the ground increasing the amount of productive time you are spending in the air.

All of our Training is offered on aircraft that is practically Brand New. A locally Developed and Manufactured Aircraft the 'Sling' is slowly taking the Aviation world by storm. We currently use the Sling with its light handling, Sports car feel and full glass cockpit, the ideal way to start to learn to fly; familiarising you with the instrumentation of larger Aircraft as you train.

We currently have students getting solo in the circuit in the minimum time, passing their License with the minimum time and this translates into lower costs saving you money.

Whilst you are looking for a place to learn to Fly or if you are already training and looking for a way of saving you money on your training, contact us and ask us what we can do for you.

All of our training courses are individually tailored to suit you at the best pace you wish to learn.

Special requests such as aerial photography, team building events and scenic flights can also be arranged.

Contact us with any request you have, arrange to come and see our facilities or book an introductory flight.

Your aviation dream starts here...

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