Smile-Hi Club


Smile-Hi Club Membership will allow you access to unique training materials using video presentation as the learning medium, with exercises to complete to assist your learning / recapping process, making learning a pleasure, so it will feel more like entertainment than like work.

Club Membership will open on the completion of Phase 1.

The following courses will be added to club membership as each phase reaches completion by the developers:

Phase 1: (Expected Completion : March 2012)
The PPL Flight Test, briefing style, including all the questions and answers you are likely to be asked in the oral portion of your PPL Flight Test as per CAA recommendations. Independant studies have shown that mental preparation is as good as physical preparation.

Phase 2: (Expected Completion : Year end)
PPL flight briefings, from exercise 1 through to exercise 19 to prepare for what to expect and recap what you have learned from your instructor.

Phase 3: (Expected Completion : to be announced)
The Restricted Radio Course in easy to watch video format, teaching you everything you need to know to pass both the written and oral parts for the Restricted Radio License.

Phase 4: (Expected Completion : to be announced)
PPL Ground Exams - the subject matter you need to learn in video format.

Phase 5: (Expected Completion : to be announced)
PPL Questions and Answers - exam style - to give you an indication if you are ready to write.