Annual Submission Steps
for your PPL renewal

Follow this list:

  • 1. Print and complete this clickable Annual Submission for Maintenance of Pilot License Validity Form. (It will open in a new tab in your browser).

  • 2. Make a certified copy of your logbook summary for the last 12 months or send the last three pages of your logbook, (I think it safer to do both), and include any conversion endorsements you’ve done in the last 12 months.

  • 3. Pay the prescribed PPL renewal fee of R340 – bank details are on the clickable form above. (It is best to do an EFT with your license number as their reference and send the printed proof with your other documents).

  • 4. Check that your Medical is valid. If not, renew your medical. Remember the yellow copy goes to CAA. The white copy must be kept in your Pilot License booklet.

  • 5. Check that your English Proficiency is valid.

    No mistakes in your documents please.

    It is vital, as with all CAA documents that there are no errors or omissions in the document. Tip-ex is also a no-no. Honest mistakes are not tolerated and will not be corrected. Make sure that your document is perfect before sending it.

    Submission of documents.

    Take or post all these documents to the CAA. The address is on the Annual Submission form, as are the CAA's banking details.

    As mentioned in the previous page, make sure you can track the documents. It is a good idea to have a representative, paid or otherwise, to personally take your forms in to the CAA in Midrand on your behalf. This is the fastest way to get your documents back in your hands if you are unable or unwilling to present them at the CAA yourself.

    NB: Make sure you sign your newly re-validated license, in both signature places, when you receive it! If you don't, it is not considered valid.

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