Ex 4 : Effects of Controls
Aircraft Controls Overview

This exercise is an introduction to the aircraft controls, their method of operation and how these controls effect the aircraft during flight.

You are being taught this to give you a good understanding and thorough knowledge of the principles involved, and the inter-related effects of the use of the basic flight controls.

Flight controls include the:
Control Column / Control Stick / Joystick
Rudder Pedals


Engine Controls:
Pitch - (not usually in a basic trainer)*
Carburetor (Carb) Heat
Cowl Flaps - (not usually in a basic trainer)*

All controls have an effect on each other.

*These controls are introduced because they are in most light aircraft, and you need to be aware of them from the beginning of your training so you have "place markers" in your checks for when you convert to this type of aircraft.

We will cover the following topics in this lesson:
The Bernoulli Principle
Aerofoil Section
Chord Line
Mean Camber Line
Relative Airflow
Angle of Attack

Lift Formula
Planes of movement for each flight control
Newton's Laws
Primary effects of controls
Adverse Aileron Yaw
Further effects of controls
The Spiral Dive, and recovery
The effects of Airspeed
The effects of Slipstream
The effects of Power Changes
The effects of Flaps
The effects of Undercarriage
The trimmer

Engine controls:
Carb Heat
Cowl Flaps

Next: I will give you a quick briefing on what you can expect for the air exercise. You will fly for up to an hour with your instructor.

Followed by: Common student errors/challenges in this exercise.

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