Who is Telani Lithgow?

Telani Lithgow is a Career Flight Instructor and the author, creator and graphic artist for the website www.ppl-flight-training.com

She is also a South African Grade II Flight Instructor with over a decades worth of experience in the business;
over 2000 hours total time;
with more than 1500 hours ab- initio flight instruction.

(ab-initio flight instruction is when you teach someone who  knows nothing about flying how to fly up to the level of earning their private flying license).

As the only daughter of a single parent family, flying as a career did not cross her mind due to financial constraints and the "impossibility" theory developed in early childhood. (Now she believes the "impossible" simply takes a little longer). It was only in 1996, as a final year Marketing student at Port Elizabeth Technikon in the Eastern Cape that the possibility of flight crossed her path in a rather unexpected fashion, and she ventured on her first step towards a flying career.

Early in 1997 she pinned on her wings at Algoa Flight Club, where she earned her Private Pilot License.

In 2001 she completed her single engine IF CPL and in early 2002 became a Flight Instructor at Virginia Flight School in Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

Around August 2004,  commitments to the family accommodation business and in 2006 the giant step into motherhood, took her out of the full time aviation world for a few years.

By 2010 she was a twin aircraft, Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot studying for her Airline Transport Pilot exams. She became the Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor at R'Bay Air Carriers in mid 2010.

From the beginning she loved ab initio flight training, but it was only in early 2011 that she "gave herself permission" to focus on this first step of training as her career and began developing www.ppl-flight-training.com.

Telani Lithgow grew up in the Far Northern Province, where her grandfather was the town Vet, and her parents ran Ben Lavin Nature Reserve for a number of years. This is where the seeds of her love of the bushveld and her views on conservation were planted. As a young girl she counted among the household pets a vervet monkey, a grysbokkie, an impala, a duiker and various birds. (They were all raised and released successfully back into the wild).

In 2011 in an attempt to highlight the wrongs of Rhino Poaching she joined a small crew to create this video:

She also made a short appearance on a local TV station 50/50 as an eco-warrior.

With this site, she hopes to support both of her great passions... teaching people to fly and improving the skills of those who already do, and donating towards aerial support for wildlife protection.

She is currently the Chief Flying Instructor at Pietermaritzburg Aero Club, Oribi Airport, Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, and lives in Outer West Durban.

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