Jim Davis - "Flight Tests"

I recently met Jim Davis - not the Garfield guy - the renowned flight instructor and founder of the biggest flying school in South Africa, 43 Air School. If you are South African, and in aviation, you probably know his name.

Well, I didn't really meet him... we corresponded by email. I hope we do meet in person some day.

I contacted him because I felt his little book on "Flight Tests" should be made available in electronic format. He disagreed, citing some good points, but still leaving the door open to considering the idea.

After a valiant battle of words (okay, some gentle persuasion) on my part, he decided to trust me... a virtual stranger... with his intellectual property.


The e-book "Flight Tests" is now available to you on Amazon for instant download.
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Here is a man that, although advanced in years, has a young mind.  He is ever-ready to embrace the constant changes our world in general, and aviation specifically, keeps tossing our way.  

If you have ever read any of Jim Davis' writing, you will know that not only is it relevant, clear and to the point, but it is also highly entertaining.

As a senior flight instructor, I wish EVERYONE preparing for a flight test would read Jim Davis' "Flight Tests" booklet. It would make testing such a pleasure!

I see myself as "she", (the flight instructor he refers to), in this little gem of a book. (Read about me here). Although I know it wasn't me he had in mind when writing it, it could have been.  He knows what I look for when renewing or looking to issue a PPL. In perfect detail.  If you perform as he recommends, I will consider you passed before we have even left the ground, and the flight would be a mere formality.  I have been an instructor long enough to know you would get the same positive response from any other testing officer.

- what a superb man he is!
- what a fantastic gem of a book.
- make us all happy... buy it... read it... do it!

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If you don't know what gift to buy for your flying-enthusiast friend... "Flight Tests" makes a great gift!


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