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The fact is that great STICK and RUDDER SKILLS require the same basic training whether you learn to fly in Africa, Europe, the USA, South America, Asia, Australia, or anywhere else in the WORLD that may have missed a mention. And that is predominantly what this site is about.  The BASICS of flight. Followed by ADVANCED VFR.

Created by a passionate South African Flight Instructor, this site is of intended value not only to student(spl), private(ppl), future commercial(cpl) or airline pilots(atpl), but also for light sport aircraft pilots(lsa) and three axis microlight pilots(mcc).

PPL - Private Pilot License
CPL - Commercial Pilot License
ATPL- Airline Transport Pilot License (also ATP)

LSA - Light Sport Aircraft
MCC - Microlight Conventional Control

The difference between getting a Private Pilot License and a Light Sport Aircraft license is weight. Not yours, the aircraft's!

With a Private Pilot License you can fly an aircraft up to 5.7 ton (5700kg) aircraft.

With an LSA, you can fly one up to 600kg;

MCC, 450kg.

This means you are very limited regarding aircraft, passenger (no more than 1), and/or luggage with LSA or MCC licenses. So your license choice depends on your purpose for flying.

With a PPL, you can go up or down in weight category, and carry on to a CPL if you want your flying to become your career. A PPL license affords you more options.

If you already have your pilot license, this site is still for you. With reminders of things you might have forgotten, useful info for your license renewal, tips, tricks, and interesting articles that can help improve your skills and knowlege, and updates on the regular CAA and ICAO changes in a friendly, easily digestible format.

South Africa with its plentiful sunshine and stunning landscapes is the country of choice for local and international flying students. We are blessed with year round excellent flying conditions and high standards of training within our wide choice of approved flight schools around the country.

South Africa is an exciting destination for hour building and flying adventures.

If you have a Pilot License that is not South African, you can do a Foreign License Validation. This allows you to fly a South African registered aircraft for 5 years; as long as your initial license remains valid. We recommend you get a head start with your Validation, so you can maximise your holiday time.

Below is a pic of two of my students just after they got their Private Pilot Licenses (the little brown books in their hands).

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Foreign License Conversion and Validation
This page tells you how to proceed with a foreign license conversion or validation so you may fly South African registered aircraft.
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When you buy an aircraft, it signifies a substantial investment. This guide will help you make the right choices and lead you to ask the right questions to help you make the best decision possible.
Flying Circuits : Take-off, Approach and Landing
In this exercise you will be shown in detail how to take-off, fly circuits and land. You will also learn about variations.
Circuit Training : Emergencies
Circuit training emergencies covered are the abandoned take-off, engine failure after take-off, (EFATO), and the go-around.
First Solo Flight - an unforgettable experience
Your first solo flight is a day you will remember always. The aircraft will behave just a little differently with you as the sole occupant.
Aircraft Controls : Ex 4 - Effects of Controls
Effects of Aircraft Controls: Exercise 4 of flight training - Overview of how aircraft fly and the effects of each control are discussed here
Chord Line etc
Definitions of the aerofoil section including the chord line, the mean camber line, relative airflow, angle of attack and angle of incidence.
Bernoulli Principle
The Bernoulli Principle, or the venturi effect, explains the mechanics of lift in respect of flight.
Angle of Incidence
The Angle of Incidence explained.
Choosing a Flight Training School
Important points to consider when choosing your Flight Training School
South African Flying Schools
Flying schools in South Africa, grouped by Province.
Plane Talk
Plane talk covers a variety of topics from how to fold a map, to calculating density altitude and challenging landings... loads of interesting articles for pilots, or add your own.
Advanced Pilot Training in Africa
I thought I could fly, until I went on CC's advanced pilot training VFR course. In two and a half days he taught me things about flying that I didn't know I didn't know. Here is my experience...
NOTAMS: what they are, where to find them, and how to read them.
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Video of Exercise 3 : Air Experience - Pre-Flight Lesson Briefing
Air Experience is likely to be your first formal flight lesson. You will always have a ground briefing before a flight. The principles involved for the flight will be explained in this briefing.
Flying Solo
Age Restrictions on Solo Flight
Flight Training Course
Flight training course s available such as the Restricted Radio Telephony training course as well as Ab Initio PPL Instruction.
Jim Davis - Flight Tests
Review on Jim Davis' booklet "Flight Tests"
Pilot Training Books
Pilot training books recommended by expericenced flight instructor.
Recency and Maintenance of Competency
The difference between license Recency and Maintenance of Competency explained for South African Pilots
The PPL Flight Medical
Are you fit and healthy enough to pass a flight medical? Click here to find out.
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